Buy Blueberry Commons Farm Bonds!

Farm Bond Sales are closed for 2020, check back in the spring for 2021. 

Food security is on a lot of our minds these days as we witness significant disruptions to the global food system. By supporting local farmers you are investing in a more secure, more sustainable and a healthier food system for yourself, your family and the community. Blueberry Commons Farm Cooperative (BCFC) is happy to offer you another way to support local agriculture while ensuring that you will have the fresh, locally grown produce that you desire.

Blueberry Commons uses organic and permaculture growing methods with special care for our soil and the beautiful ecology around us. We are taking steps to support local biodiversity by planting 2.5 acres of bee forage crops, by preserving our on-farm forest and by planting more trees in the years ahead! We welcome you to join us in this adventure!

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What is a Farm Bond?

Farm Bonds let you order the specific produce that you need and want at a price 10% cheaper than our regular sales. Purchasing Farm Bonds has other benefits too:

  • recipes and food preserving ideas

  • farm tour days (in accordance with public health requirements)

  • special offers and produce promotions for bond holders


Are Farm Bonds a type of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)?


Yes – sort of! Most CSA’s offer a pre-paid subscription to a weekly or bi-monthly delivery of produce that is harvested that week. Typically, one signs up for the whole season and receives a mix of veggies. Farm Bonds are more flexible in nature, allowing you to order the types of produce in the quantities that you want. Think of it as special farm food gift certificate! Both options give the farmer additional security and cash flow in the early part of the season and consumers a more direct connection the farm that is growing their food.


How do Farm Bonds work?


Purchasing Farm Bonds is an easy way to pre-order and prepay for a variety of fruits and vegetables, especially those that will store well for you into the fall and winter months. BCFC Farm Bonds cost $20 each but have a value of $22 of local, organically grown produce.


You simply decide how many bonds of each crop type you would like to purchase and place your order at our web store, Payment can be made by cheque, cash or E-transfer to You can buy as many bonds as you want for whichever crops you would like to have!

Farm Bonds are non-refundable. If for any reason we are not able to supply you with a crop you requested (ie an unexpected crop failure), we will be happy to substitute another type of produce for you.


When will I get my crop?

When the crops you ordered are ready, we will send you an email with the time and date for pick-up at our Wildwood farm. Delivery within Powell River will be available for orders of $60 or more​

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