Blueberry Commons is a thriving ecological housing and farm cooperative with members living in close connection with each other and the land.


We are designing and building ecological housing, community facilities and agricultural opportunities for a diverse group of people in a beautiful semi-rural setting within Powell River/Tla’amin Nation traditional territory.




  • To create healthy and sustainable energy-efficient homes and community facilities that meet the needs of coop members.


  • To create a functional and beautiful living environment through good intentional design.


  • To create the physical and social infrastructure to strengthen our resilience and adaptation to external stresses through growing food, sharing resources and supporting each other.


  • To foster a community dynamic that encourages lifelong learning, mentoring, inclusivity, cooperation and celebration.


  • To use Sociocracy as a system of governance, decision making and management that is participatory, effective and transparent.


  • To preserve and develop the agricultural potential of the land as a means of providing food security for the cooperative and wider community.



Values and Principles

Our community recognizes that we are all interdependent and in relationship, not only with each other, but with the entire ecosystem. We affirm and practice core values, including:


  • Inclusivity and diversity


  • Intergenerational living


  • Trust and respect with each other and the wider community


  • Celebration, joy and gratitude


  • Creativity


  • Honouring the sacred in daily life


  • Lifelong learning, education and mentorship


  • Responsibility, fairness and cooperation


  • Participation, commitment and service


  • Food security


  • Respect for autonomy – recognizing the need for personal space and boundaries


  • Beauty and aesthetics – in the natural and built environments


  • Nurturing, protecting and being good stewards of the ecosystem – fostering a resilient, adaptive way of living and using local resources


  • Transparency and honesty – in all of our systems, interactions and processes


  • Social justice


  • Integration with the wider community