current Members and governance

Our community is currently composed of 14 members, six couples and two individuals, from all walks of life. The are several others now engaged in the membership process.

There is definitely strength in numbers, as our small and mighty group may attest!

Our combined skills and life experiences help us tackle anything from legal issues, farm production, community building, city planning, financial needs, education, permacuture design, health care and much much more!


The need for a system of governance based on inclusiveness and cooperation led us toward Sociocracy in the early stages. This socially responsible method of organizing effective, harmonious and collaborative organizations allows us to share power as equals and offers an efficient way to communicate, run meetings and make decisions.

Sociocracy is based on a few key principles such as decision making and elections by consent, speaking in rounds, and a network of operational circles linked back to the general circle.

To learn more about Sociocracy: