Our cohousing project

Blueberry Commons is a unique combination of a cohousing community and an organic farm structured as a cooperative. We are striving to create between 28 to 36 housing units for a diverse group of families.

Our vision for housing includes energy efficient green buildings featuring good passive solar design. Our homes will be built to last and to withstand the extreme weather conditions we will likely be facing in the future. We expect to include photovoltaic solar power and a district energy system in our design. 

The development will include a community building with amenities such as a commercial kitchen, gathering areas, a library and guest quarters.

We anticipate a compact footprint for the development, which may include semi-detatched homes and clustered housing, common play areas and gardens. 

Home sizes will range from compact units for single people to 3-4 bedroom family homes.

All building materials will have as low environmental footprint as possible over their full life cycle. 

The project will likely be built in phases. We have applied for rezoning in 2020 and we are entering the design phase of our project. We hope the construction phase will start in 2023.

Food production will be integrated throughout the community landscape. This will include space for home gardens, orchards, food forests, and our fully functioning farm. Our vision is to provide opportunities for interested community members to undertake farming as a livelihood on our shared land. Food production will support not only BCFC members, but the wider community as well. 

Some cohousing design possibilities: