Farm Bonds

Farm Bonds


Farm Bonds 2021


Invest in healthy, local, delicious organic food – buy your Farm Bonds today!


Farm Bonds are your way of pre-paying for some of the local fruits and vegetables you will eat in the coming year. Each bond costs you $50 but gives you $55 credit  - a 10% savings! You can purchase as many farm bonds as you want.


This year, all of our farm bonds will be “generic” (ie not tied to a specific crop). This will allow you to purchase any fresh produce you want, when you want it, in the quantities you need at our farm stand in Wildwood or through our web-store.

Think of it like a “gift card” or like putting money in your personal healthy eating savings account!


Here is a list of the products and approximate harvest times that you can purchase with your generic farm bonds:
Beans (snap) - July/August
Beets - late June to October
Blueberries - Mid July to end of August
Broccoli - July to September
Cabbage - late June to October
Carrots - mid June to November
Cauliflower - July -September
Corn (Sweet) - August/September

Cucumbers - July to September
Greens (mixed) - June to October
Herbs - (basil, dill, cilantro, parsley, etc) - variable from spring-fall Kale - late June to November
Leeks - September to November
Lettuce - June to September
Melons - July and August
Onions (bunching green) - mid June to September
Onions (globe) - July to October
Peas (snow and shelling) - mid June to September
Peppers - Mid July to October
Potatoes (new) - late June to September
Potatoes (mature) - July to November
Pumpkin – September - October
Radishes - June to AugustSalad Turnip - June/July
Tomatillos – July to September
Tomatoes - mid July to September
Spinach - mid June to September
Squash (winter10 types) - August -November
Zucchini (young)- mid June to October

 - With a little luck, we will also have some figs, pears, apples and cherries available this year as well!

Farm Bond sales will close on May 15, 2021 so purchase yours today!

  • Payment Options

    To make your payment for your farm bonds, please send an Etransfer to If you prefer, you can also send a cheque to Blueberry Commons Farm Cooperative, 6619 King Avenue, Powell River BC V8A 4X9
    Questions or Concerns? Please email